My personal notes on fixing myself.

Making contacts, marketing, and overcoming obstacles.

Chapter 12 Pursuing job-related networking The image we project has to be one of experience, competence, interest, and involvement. People want to interact with those who are both interested in … Continue reading

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becoming socially effective and sharpening personal effectiveness

CHAPTER 8   It’s generally thought that most of the skills we need for adult social interaction and successful relationships are learned during our adolescence. This appears to be true … Continue reading

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A little bit of progress

Today I made one of my goals, something that seemed so simple yet I’ve struggled with it for over a month. I referred to a coworker by his name! I … Continue reading

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Stripping my mind of negative thoughts is harder than I thought. I’m not working at this enough. I need to manage my time better and I need to forgive myself … Continue reading

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This week has been busy and stressful. I have not made time to focus on social skills. Work is rough, I feel like I’ve messed up my chance at getting … Continue reading

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Monday Monday

Today’s Date: 10/21/13 Today I did an excellent job in recognizing negative thoughts and looking at them objectively. Holy shit, what a difference it made! My mood was definitely increased. … Continue reading

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Taking risks and fighting another relapse

Thursday was terrible. I often have to give presentations, and the design proposal I gave did not go well. I had to spend all my energy focusing on not having … Continue reading

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